A New Club Formed in 1883

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DarloToday was effectually the end for Darlington FC, it looked grim.  Despite all the efforts made by the fans there was no sign of a way out. But as has become the style with the club in it's times of crisis last ditched attempts to sort this mess have appeared to be successful!

DFC 1883 - the fan's company - has acquired the assets of Darlington FC 2009, those assets include the club itself, along with it's name, badge and history.  This means that Darlington FC will carry on, not a new club in technical terms, but a new club in ownership, spirit and optimism.

So what is next? Now the new board of 1883 will apply to the FA for a 'Football Share' - a licence to play football, at this time the FA should make a decision on where in the football pyramid we will be placed.  Though that is expected to be around the Evostik Premier, meaning games with the likes of Whitby!

Darlington will also leave the Darlington Arena, and initially look to share a ground with a club in a nearby town, be that Bishop Auckland, Shildon or possibly Durham.  1883 have promised that a move back to Darlington will be a priority, and are exploring the possibility of a 'Sports Hub' on Blackwell Meadows - the site of the current Darlington Rugby Club facility.

It's come at a big cost to get free of the mess that previous chairmen have got us into, but optimism is back at the club, and the future is now in the hands of the fans, not the whim of one millionaire who may inevitably get bored as the previous few have.

This is the situation as I understand it, and I for one am now looking forward to our tour of the lower leagues in the pyramid.  Roll on next season!


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